The Mindful Hiking concept which has evolved from Cesar’s experience when walking in this spectacular landscape, encourages his fellow walkers to enjoy, love and respect the natural environment and leave no trace, save for their happy memories. 

EXERCISE AND HEALTH.  Hill - Mindful - Walking will improve fitness, stamina, and the performance of the heart and lungs; it will help to cope with stress, and lower blood pressure. It is an effective way to strengthen the immune system and to manage moods, depression and anxiety. It also helps to sleep better and control body weight. 

SPECTACULAR SCENERY. The journey through The Gap of Dunloe showcases the grey and purple majesty of Purple Mountain and the  MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, which contrasts with Mangerton Plateau and the dramatic mountain passes around Horses Glen.

There is the vibrant magic and prevalent green of summer in the valleys and woodlands of Killarney National Park, which transforms into a rich tapestry of differing shades of golden browns as summer turns to autumn over the mountains of Co. Kerry.

"WILD NATURE"  Water running from streams, rivers, waterfalls and lakes along to The Wild Atlantic Ocean; woodlands with native and ancient trees covered in moss; wild flowers, ferns, heather and bracken; deer, wild goats, white-tailed eagles, foxes; remains of dwellings built by earlier inhabitants thousands of years ago will cause you to pause.

Walking in this scenery will enhance the positive side of your personality and you will be filled with a sense of well-being.