Exercise and Health

Exercise Fitness Health The Kerry Way near Lord Brandon's Cottage Mindful Walking

Hill - Mindful - Walking will improve fitness, stamina, and the performance of the heart and lungs; it will help to cope with stress, and lower blood pressure. It is an effective way to strengthen the immune system and to manage moods, depression and anxiety. It also helps to sleep better and control body weight. It will encourage us to feel younger and stronger. It will enable to face tough decisions and everyday stresses with greater fortitude. 

After a walk, you might feel a little bit tired, but have the impression that time passed quickly and have a feeling of happiness and well-being. Those are the signs that you enjoyed thoroughly the walk.  

Mindful Walking

Hiking Ireland with Killarney Mindful Hiking Shehy Mountain in Killarney National Park

When we practice hillwalking, in a natural way we activate some aspects of mindfulness, like:  

  • Deep breathing
  • Listen to your heart. Rate and rhythm
  • Feel your body in movement
  • Concentration and attention on activity and environment
  • Active meditation
  • Live in the present moment...

as we walk at a comfortable pace.   

Leave no Trace

Leave no trace when Hill Walking Ireland's Dingle Iveragh Beara Peninsulas Wild Atlantic Way

KMH adheres to Mountaineering Ireland access policy when hillwalking:  

  • Respect the mountain environment. Leave everything as you find it 
  • Take litter home with you
  • Regard for Landowners. Act in a considerate and responsible manner
  • Be friendly and sociable with other walkers  
  • Engage with rural communities and businesses in a polite manner