After a walk, you might feel a little bit tired, but have the impression that time passed quickly and have a feeling of happiness and well-being. Those are the signs that you enjoyed thoroughly the walk.

Do not forget the social aspect of walking in a group and the many benefits which it confers.

GEAR ALL YEAR ROUND. Hillwalking gear advisable for safety, comfort, and to cope with Irish weather. It will help to keep you dry, an important factor to enjoy a long walk when is raining:

Waterproof hiking boots 


Good warm socks, hat and gloves  

Thermal base layer

Thermal fleece jacket

Polyester water-resistance trousers

Waterproof Jacket & over-trousers

Walking sticks

Small rucksack with waterproof cover

Spare thermal mid layer, hat and gloves.

LEAVE NO TRACE. KMHiking adheres to Mountaineering Ireland access policy when hillwalking:

Respect the mountain environment.

Leave everything as you find it 

Take litter home with you

Regard for Landowners. 

Act in a considerate and responsible manner

Be friendly and sociable with other walkers 

Engage with rural communities and businesses in a polite manner.

KILLARNEY. "In beauty may you walk"  

Killarney town is surrounded by Killarney National Park and a series of mountain ranges which combine geometrical profiles, dramatic contrasts and beautiful colours.

After a walk, you can enjoy its peaceful and friendly atmosphere, and the kindness and hospitality of the local people.