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Killarney, Co Kerry, Ireland

Killarney Mindful Hiking


Carrauntoohil. Wild Atlantic Mountains. Ireland

Picture: Beenkeragh Ridge. The following walks listed below and many more are available for any day of the week suitable to you

Eagles Nest, Torc Mountain, Upper Lake in Killarney National Park

Picture: Killarney National Park from Ladies View

We have developed a program with carefully selected walks suitable for different fitness levels and abilities, individually and in group. There are three categories of walks according to their grades of difficulty, all of them are aimed at forming quality and environmental friendly groups.

Slieve Mish Mountains. Dingle Peninsula. Wild Atlantic Mountains. Ireland

Walk Grades: Easy, Moderate, Strenuous

Picture: Baurtregaum, Slieve Mish Mountains, Co. Kerry

The weather on the day, the time of year, ground conditions, terrain, distance, total ascent, pace, total time for the walk, your level of fitness, how you feel that day and the group’s ability, will determine the real grade of the walk. All walks can be adapted to take account of these factors.

Wild Atlantic Mountains. Caher

Easy Walks (samples) Duration: 4 hours approx.

Picture: Caher north-west top

Guided walk for people without or little hillwalking experience. Price from €20 pp.

A weekend two day hiking trip, price from €40 pp.

Ladies View. Distance: 8 km, Total Ascent: 350 m.

Glaishin Na Marbh. Killarney National Park. D: 10 km, A: 400 m.

Hags Glen - Lough Callee. D: 9 km, A: 400 m.

Lough Garagarry  -  Horse’s Glen. D: 10 km, A: 400.

Lough Cummeenapeasta. D: 8 km, A: 550 m.

Wild Atlantic Way. Hiking in County Kerry

Picture: Caher Ridge, MacGillycuddy's Reeks

Muckross. D: 10 km, A: 150 m.

Owenacullin Lakes. D: 8 km, A 400 m.

Gap of Dunloe - Tomies North. D: 9 km, A: 600 m.

Torc Cardiac Steps Circuit. D: 10 km, A: 550 m.

Devil's Punch Bowl. D: 10

Wild Atlantic Mountains. Caherconree. Slieve Mish Mountains. Dingle Peninsula

Moderate Walks (samples) Duration: 5 hours approx.

Picture: Caherconree, Slieve Mish Mountains, Dingle Peninsula

For people with some hillwalking experience. Price from €30 pp.

A weekend two day hiking trip, price from €50 pp.

The Hag's Tooth. Distance: 9 km, Total Ascent: 600 m.

Eagle's Nest. Killarney National Park. D: 13 km, A: 600 m. 

Hags Glen - Lough Callee - Cummeenmore. D: 10 km, A: 600 m.

Mangerton North - Devils Punch Bowl. D: 13 km, A: 950 m.

Broaghnabinnia from Bridia or Black Valley. D: 12 km, A: 900 m.

Mullaghanattin. D: 13 km, A: 900 m.

Picture:  Black Valley.

Shehy Mountain (571m) D: 12 km, A: 700 m.

Lough Cummeenapeasta. D: 12 km, A: 650 m.

Horse's Glen - Mangerton North. D: 13 km, A: 950 m.

Purple Mountain. D: 13 km, A: 950 m.

Cnoc an Bhraca. D: 13.5 km, A: 700 m. 

Gap of Dunloe. Tomies Mountain. D: 12 km, A: 900 m.

Beenkeragh. D: 10 km, A: 950 m.

Strenuous Walks (samples) Duration: 6+ hours

Picture: Devil's Ladder route to Carrauntoohil

For people who are into hillwalking, with an appropriate level of fitness and ability to do scrambling. Price from €40 pp. For groups with less than 4 people €50

A weekend two day hiking trip, price from €70 pp.

The Long Range. Distance: 16 km, Total Ascent: 700 m.

Glaishin Na Marbh + Eagle's Nest. D: 15 km, A: 800 m.

Carrauntoohil via Heaven's Gate. D: 14 km, A: 1100 m. 

Mangerton - Stoompa. D: 16 km, A: 1000 m.

Cnoc na Peiste - Big Gun - Cruach Mhor. D: 11 km, A: 1000 m.

Mullaghanattin. D: 16 km, A: 1300 m. 

Gap of Dunloe. Killarney Mindful Hiking. Walking Holidays in Ireland

Picture: The Gap of Dunloe from Purple Mountain

Carrauntoohil via O'Shea's Gully. D: 14 km, A: 1070 m.

Shehy Mountain (571m) - Tomies Wood. D: 17 km, A: 1000 m.

Beenkeragh. D: 13 km, A: 1000 m.

Gap of Dunloe. Shehy – Purple – Tomies. D: 17 km, A: 1100 m.