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Killarney, Co Kerry, Ireland

Killarney Mindful Hiking


Kerry Way. Killarney National Park. Walking Holidays in Ireland

The Kerry Way to The Black Valley. Killarney National Park


KMH walks feature a mixture of hillwalking and mindful walking elements. 

On such selected walks, we practise walking in a variety of weathers, on varied terrain at different paces.

Some sections of the routes will be over tough moorland terrain and broken ground, 

ascending hills and climbing mountains occasionally over steep ground. 


Often we do stop for short breaks to catch our breath; to admire the mountains, nature and wildlife; 

to take pictures; to talk to each other; to relax and have a snack or lunch break.  

Mindful Walking

Pic: Muckross, Killarney National Park

When we practice hillwalking, in a natural way we activate some aspects of mindfulness, like:

  • Deep breathing
  • Listen to your heart. Rate and rhythm
  • Feel your body in movement
  • Concentration and attention on activity and environment
  • Live in the present moment...

as we walk at a comfortable pace. 

Killarney Mindful Hiking. Walking. Exercise. Health. Well-Being

Exercise and Health

Pic: Shehy Mountain

This exercise will improve our fitness, stamina, and the performance of the heart and lungs; it will help us to cope with stress, and lower our blood pressure. It is an effective way to strengthen the immune system and to manage our moods, depression and anxiety. It also helps us to control our body weight. 

It will encourage us to feel younger and stronger. It will enable us to face tough decisions and everyday stresses with greater fortitude. And do not forget the social aspect of walking in a group and the many benefits which it confers.


After a walk, you might feel a little bit tired, but have the impression that time passed quickly and have a feeling of happiness and well-being. Those are the signs that you enjoyed thoroughly the walk.  

Wild Atlantic Mountains. Ireland

Hillwalking Gear

Pic: Carrauntoohil and Beenkeragh

Gear advisable for comfort, safety and to cope with Irish weather and mountain terrain:

  • Stout waterproof walking boots with ankle support and Gaiters will help to keep your feet dry, an important factor to enjoy a long walk when the ground is wet
  • Waterproof Jacket & over-trousers
  • Good warm socks, hat and gloves  
  • Base layer top and tights 
  • Thermal fleece jacket
  • Polyester water-resistance trousers
  • Spare thermal mid layer, hat and glove
  • Small rucksack with waterproof cover
  • Walking sticks

Gear for Summer

Pic: Caherconree, Dingle Peninsula

  •  Hiking Boots or Shoes
  • Base layer top
  • Thermal fleece jacket
  • Polyester trousers 
  • Hat and gloves 
  • Small rucksack

Carrauntoohil via Heaven's Gate


KMH adheres to Mountaineering Ireland access policy when hillwalking:

  • Respect the mountain environment. Leave everything as you find it 
  • Take litter home with you
  • Regard for Landowners. Act in a considerate and responsible manner
  • Be friendly and sociable with other walkers  
  • Engage with rural communities and businesses in a polite manner